The variable speed active stall control system maximizes the power production below rated wind speed and ensures a safe power limitation above rated wind speed

Technical Specifications


GP YONVAL 45-16 :

Configuration 3 Blades, horizontal axis, upwind  
Wind Class III
Rated Power 40 kW
Rated wind speed

11 m/s

Cut-in wind speed

3 m/s

Cut-out wind speed

24 m/s

Survival wind speed

52.5 m/s

Yaw System

Active / Electric

Applications On-Grid 
Rotor diameter 15.95 m²
Swept Area 199.8 m²
Power regulation Active stall
Rated rotor speed 50 rpm
Type 45 kW Induction
Configuration 3 phases - 400 V - 50 Hz
Gearbox 1 : 29.95
Safety systems  
Failsafe brake  
variable speed active yaw control system  
Active generator torque control  
Free standing monopole  20, 24 and 30 m

- safe climbing system

Intelligente controller                            
Integrated power converter  
Remote monitoring and control  
User-friendly IPC panel  

The intelligente controller with its integrated power converter provides clean power and ensures both a simple and efficient grid interconnection


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